Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DIY Wooden Place Cards

A few weeks ago we threw a surprise 60th birthday dinner party for my Dad - and I decided to make some simple place card settings for the table. I wanted something that reflected my Dad's personality - he loves woodworking, so using these flat birch cards was a perfect fit.

They were a big hit at the party, and so easy to make - just a few quick steps, shown below!

You'll need:
- blank wooden business cards
- silver binder clips
- letter stamps & ink

First stamp out the name of each guest.

Clip the medium sized binder clip to the bottom center of the card.

Remove the front handle.

Flip up the handle on the back.

And voila!

They are so quick to make, you can customize a dinner table in no time!

P.S. Remember these cute deer place card holders?!


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