Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving DIY Decorations - Painted & Glitter Pumpkins

It may be the day before the big feast - but there is still plenty of time to put together these painted and glitter pumpkins for your table centerpiece!

Together with the wall decoration and deer place card holders you'll have the most festive Thanksgiving dinner in town! I'll be showing you photos of all my decorations tomorrow!

You'll need:
- Various pumpkins and squash
- spray paint
- spray glue
- glitter
- tape

Tape off the parts of the pumpkin you want to keep natural, including the stems.

Spray the desired areas. Remember to do several thin coats from all sides and let it dry in between.

For a touch of glitter, cover the desired areas with a spray glue and then dust with glitter. Repeat several times to make the glitter solid.

Peel the tape. (This is always my favorite part!)

Voila! Make lots if you have a larger table to fill and add in some un-painted pumpkins and squash to round out the look.

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