Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving DIY Decorations - Deer Place Card Holders

As I mentioned last week, I'm helping with Thanksgiving decorations at my parents house this year. And while place cards are generally for formal dinners... if the occasion calls these animal ones are simple to make and add great dimension to any table setting!

Don't forget to make this Thanksgiving wall decoration.

You'll need:
- plastic deer figurines
- spray paint
- hack saw
- place cards
- pen

First cut a small slit on the back of the deer. Make it about half inch deep and slightly angled so that the card sits in comfortably.

Carefully spray paint all sides of the deer - this may take several coats depending on the color you choose!

Write out the names of all your party guests.

Voila! Just a few simples steps and you'll have the cutest creatures setting places around your table. I decided to make all of mine out of deer - but you can also mix and match different creatures!



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