Thursday, November 1, 2012

DIY Sequin Heart T-Shirt

For my halloween costume this year (The White Rabbit!) I made my own version of the red heart shirt with some felt and sequin fabric. It was so quick and easy to make I decided to do a second version and show the steps here on the blog.

You'll need:
- felt
- sequin fabric
- sequin ribbon
- t-shirt
- needle & thread
- tacky glue
- scissors
- pen & paper

Draw and cut out in paper a half of a heart. (Using just half as the template ensures you'll have a symmetric shape). Fold a piece of felt in half and use the paper as a template to draw and then cut out the heart.

Repeat with the sequin fabric.

Apply tacky glue to  felt and lay down the backside of the sequin fabric on it. Let dry. (Don't worry about the glue showing through the sequins, it will dry clear).

Add a thin line of tacky glue to the outer edge of the heart and lay down the sequin ribbon. It's easiest if you do a small section at a time, rather than laying down all the glue at once.

Continue around the entire outline. And then trim off the extra length of the sequin ribbon. And then let dry.

With a paper liner inside the shirt (to prevent gluing to the backside) apply tacky glue to the backside of the felt and place on the shirt. It helps to first try on the shirt and mark where you want the heart placed.

Once the glue is try, use the needle and thread to tack spots every few sequins around the edge.

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