Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY Leather Wrapped Bangles

Remember this post about the wrapped bangles?! Well, I finally made something similar for myself - and it was so quick to make I thought I'd share all the easy steps.

You'll need:
- plain metal bangles
- leather strips cut to desired length
- super glue

First, add a small drop super glue to the end of the leather strip.

Press and hold to the inside of the metal bangle. And hold for a few seconds.

Once the glue is dry, start wrapping the leather around the bangle, pulling it snug to be sure there are no gaps between each wrap.

Keep wrapping.

Once you get to the end, add another small drop of glue. (Tip: trim the edge of the leather so that the end will be on the inside of the bangle).

Press and hold the end in place while the glue dries.

And voila! I decided to make two identical bangles with red leather, but make as many as you'd like and try experimenting with multiple colors!


  1. Oooo fun, hip and easy! My kind of project :)

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