Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY Leather Bow Barrette

Ever since I saw these fabulous bows for your hair I've been wanting to make one for myself. So I did just that with a scrap piece of leather... and here's how you can make a simple one too!

You'll need:
- scrap leather
- plain barrette
- velcro strips w/ adhesive backs
- ruler (or straight edge)
- rolling cutter
- cutting surface
- super glue

Cut a strip of leather to the desired width of the bow.

Fold the strip over on itself and measure against the length of your barrette. Trim the leather so that the ends meet in the middle.

Glue each of the ends down, and hold in place until it dries.

Trim another piece of leather slightly thinner than the main bow piece. Fold over the center seam, measure and trim to the right length, and glue each of the ends down to the main bow.

Adhere the hook piece of velcro to the barrette and trim around the edges to match the shape of the barrette you are using. Adhere the loop of the velcro to the back of the bow. And then simply velcro the two pieces together!

It was so quick to make - you could easily make several different leather bows in various colors to attach to the same barrette.

I love how it adds a pop of interest and sophistication to an otherwise simple ponytail!


  1. I love this!! It is so cute and I would totally wear it!

  2. thanks katie!! i may have made an extra one if you're interested ;)

  3. I love this!!! So Simple!! I might make one like this.



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