Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY Glitter iPhone Skin

I've been wanting a glitter iPhone case for awhile now but never wanted to spend the money... so I decided to make my very own glitter skin. It is definitely a temporary solution (as the glitter tends to rub off slightly), but I love that I would be able to make a few and switch it up whenever the mood dictates.

You'll need:
- a glitter sheet
- scissors
- x-acto knife (and cutting surface)
- pencil
- double stick tape **not shown here
- iPhone

Trace the outline of your phone onto the back surface of the glitter paper using a pencil or other writing instrument.

Cut out the drawn outline, cutting slightly inside the line to prevent it from hanging over the edges.

Lay the cut out onto the phone and trace around the location of the camera and flash holes.

Using the x-acto blade, on a cutting surface, cut out the space around the camera and flash. Lay the finished shape onto the phone to check it fits on all edges - trim where necessary.

Using the double stick tape, adhere the cutout shape to the back of your phone - and voila! It's like an instant make-over for my phone - and it is so easy to make. Go on, give it a try!

** I bought what I thought was a glitter sheet with an adhesive back, but it turned out to be just a plain sheet. So I used double stick tape to adhere the sheet to my phone. However, in the case that you purchase a sheet of glitter with an adhesive back you simple can remove the backing and adhere it directly to the phone. 


  1. Wow...looks awesome! You guys did a great job!

  2. Can you just use normal black glitter

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