Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Color in My Closet: PINK!

I love a good pop of color (or sometimes even more than just a pop) and after a recent spring cleaning on my closet, I decided to share some of my favorite brightly colored items in my closet!

Today I bring you my latest obsession: pink. Although I've been told I loved anything pink when I was a little, there was a quite a number of years where I turned my nose up at anything lighter than a shade of red. And now, suddenly, I can't seem to get enough of every shade of pink in my wardrobe. This is my latest go to outfit - pink plaid button up and my striped pink slippers.

I hope you enjoy my new column :)

pink plaid button up - j.crew
pink striped shoes - charles philip


  1. I love the last pic. Can I be your camera man? Would be awesome to just run around the mission busting poses!

  2. thanks!! i love the silly the photos the most too :) and yes please!! let's set a "busting poses" date!



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