Thursday, August 4, 2011

Warehouse Living Spaces

When I was little my Dad used to talk about how cool it would be to turn the old abandoned firehouse in Palo Alto into a big open living space. And ever since I've been drawn to apartments like these, where warehouses are converted into amazing open living spaces! Wouldn't it be lovely to live in one of them?!

{images 1 & 23, 4}


  1. in Michigan we lived in a converted scrap metal factory building - best apartment ever. interestingly, you need larger than you can imagine pieces of furniture and art to properly fill those spaces - that part was fun. one thing we found challenging: storage. most of these places are just shells, they don't have the built in closets and cabinets we take for granted in the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms - everything is an add-on.

  2. Carissa - I remember you describing it! I was so jealous. Definitely need a solution for the storage - but I love any organizing challenge :)

  3. Have always had a great experience with storing my stuff. The guy at the facility whose name I don't know, have always been friendly, professional and keep the place immaculate.

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