Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Real Live Roller Derby

After having seen the movie Whip It two years ago, I was totally obsessed with trying out for a roller derby team and even rented roller skates and dressed up like Maggie Mayhem for Halloween that year. That's why, this past weekend I was super excited when my friends invited us to a real live roller derby. And it wasn't until about halfway through the event I realized it wasn't actually a sport for tough chicks, as I'd been lead to believe by Ellen Page, but more of an acting show akin to the WWE. Super discouraging for my dreams of ever becoming a jammer but certainly way more entertaining than I ever imagined. There were aggressive fights, fake punches, constant falling over the rails, chairs thrown into refs' heads, and even a man who looked like Mr. Monopoly. The game winning play was clearly a staged sequence of events, lead on by both teams - but left me standing on my feet jumping with excitement none the less. Roller Derby may not become my next weekend hobby - but you'll definitely find me next year cheering on the Bay City Bombers as they defend their title.

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